January 2018

Undercover investigators working for Surge have discovered turkeys suffering horrifically in a standard UK turkey farm. These animals, treated as nothing other than commodities, were shown to be severely lame and in terrible pain - a consequence of consumer demand for their flesh. In the UK, 90% of turkey flesh products come from intensive indoor farming. 

This is the bleak reality of what life is like for farmed animals in the UK, a country that preaches to have the highest welfare standards in the world. What this proves is that welfare regulations will never be able to safeguard these animals and as long as there is demand, there will be exploitation. The only way to truly end animal suffering is to live a vegan lifestyle. 

This facility supplies UK supermarket giants that claim high animal welfare standards and pride themselves in working closely with regional suppliers via traceability and provenance.


Turkeys form strong social bonds with their families and flock mates, sometimes travelling in the wild with groups of 200 or more. Turkeys have friends, likes, dislikes and desires - however right now millions of turkeys across the UK are spending their lives in confinement, crammed desperately amongst each other, never seeing daylight until the day they are killed. 

Poultry slaughter involves shackling birds by their feet and hanging them upside down, before carrying them to an electric water bath where they suffer a painful electric shock thats purpose is to render them unconscious. Many birds do not get stunned as they don’t make contact with the water and some regain consciousness before they reach the neck cutter, meaning that they are fully conscious as their throats are sliced open.


You can end this suffering, sign up to go vegan today.